A Big Contribution and a Wholehearted Thanks.

Many of you have probably wondered how we suddenly escalated from 2.600 nets to +4000 in a matter of days.

But, first of all let me use a line of two to thanks every single person, individual, company, foundation  or student group who has helped raise funds for this summers project in Sierra Leone. Without your help and support this project would never have been at the point where is are now: In Sierra Leone, with 4000 Nets, ready to roll.  Just through the AgainstMalaria online donation campaign we have gotten more than fifteen thousand dollars. In addition we have received numerous donations, big and small, hand or through student unions. So again, a fantastic support.

But how did we close the final gap that enables us to now go to Sierra Leone with enough funds to purchase 4000 nets and ensure full coverage for almost 10.000 people?

The last big push came thanks a to a big donation from the Aall Foundation which enabled us to fully realize our project. We heard about the Aall Foundation through a professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada – who encouraged us to apply for a grant from them.  The Aall Foundation were very supportive of our project and believed as much in it, as we do. We were therefore ecstatic when they informed us that they would happily support our project enabling us to cover and educate 10.000 people in the use long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets!

So a big  wholehearted thanks to the Aall Foundation from the GMin Team. Thank you!

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