A New GMin Initiative: “Innovate Salone: A De Mek Am, 2012”

Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) would like to announce our latest project titled “Innovate Salone: A De Mek Am, 2012.” This initiative will continue alongside our other projects including the Malaria Control and the One Laptop per Child initiatives in Southern Sierra Leone (SL). Innovate Salone is a national initiative with an aim to nurture and harvest the creative and innovative minds of Sierra Leoneans through design and implementation.

Innovate Salone is dedicated towards a collaborative integration of scientific, socio-cultural, technological and entrepreneurial innovations by Sierra Leoneans. Through networks of businesses, academic institutions, and public private partnerships both within and outside Sierra Leone, Innovate Salone will continue to support teams with solutions that have the potential to create impact in domains including Health, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Telecommunications, Civic Media, and Engineering.

Through partnerships with institutions affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), The Aall Foundation, The Segal Family Foundation, the Ministry of Education-SL, National Youth Commission-SL and Life by Design in Sierra Leone, we hope to provide a platform for the youth of Sierra Leone to dream and work towards that dream.

Our President of the Board recently presented this Vision at the Africa Business Conference at MIT. That talk can be viewed here.

GMin will continue to grow and tackle the biggest problems within our reach. For now, we believe that investing in the youth to design the solutions needed for their communities is an important area of development. With that in mind, we invite you to join our course by sending us an email to info@gmin.org with questions or suggestions.

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