All Good Things

Yes, they say that all good things do come to an end. I guess all things come to an end; be it good or bad. After 10 weeks of activity on the ground (and obviously many more before arriving) in Sahn Malen, our 2010 distribution has come to an end. And I choose to think that it was good. I know, I know, this is only a continuation of the fight against malaria that has battalions of private and public organizations involved and it is a wonderful pleasure to be a part of that brigade.

We distributed 10,560 nets to finish covering all of Malen Chiefdom and 4 sections in the neighboring Kpanga Kabondeh Chiefdom. On average, we spent about $0.20 to distribute each net. Our team included over 20 students from Njala University and various high schools, multiple locals and 6 international students. Mathias Esmann from Denmark, Sarah VanHorn, Luke Dryban, Ablorde Ashigbi and Sam Slaughter all from the United States.

In addition to the above troopers, we partnered with UNICEF, the National Malaria Control Program, the Pujehun District Health Management Team, the Red Cross and the Against Malaria Foundation. We would now like to thank everyone who made this possible. The donors, the GMin team who could not travel with us but who were eagerly following us via this blog and YOU. Thank you. Once a final report is ready, we’ll post that on our website. Also, watch out for our Fall Newsletter. If you’re not subscribed, please sign up on our website.

- David

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  • Umaru Barrie

    Great job Gmin! Your efforts and sacrifice is adorable. Your spirit for eradicating malaria is unstoppable, and at the end that’s what matters. You guys shall surely succeed.

    Keep it up gmin!

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