GMin Appoints Two New Staff Members: Head of Operations, GMin-SL and Program Director for project “Innovate”.

The things that set GMin apart from many organizations are the people who we work with. We truly believe in peer-to-peer mentorship, collaboration and a relationship of mutual respect and openness. This flexibility within the organization allows for both individual and organizational growth.

As President of the Board for GMin, it is always an honor to welcome new members to our team. It is with pleasure that I introduce Mahmoud Javombo as the new Head of Operations for Global Minimum in Sierra Leone. Mahmoud is a wonderful friend who is a pioneer in many ways in Sierra Leone. As a 23 yr old graduate, he ran for a seat in the Parliament of Sierra Leone for the constituency in which he grew up (Bo Town), because he strongly believed that as youths, it is our responsibility to participate in community development and national leadership. Mahmoud holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and is now pursuing a Law degree from the University of Sierra Leone. In his new role, Mahmoud will facilitate the “Innovate Salone: A De Mek Am 2012” competition in Sierra Leone in collaboration with other local partners.

I would also like to introduce Desmond Mitchell who will be serving in the capacity of Director for our “Innovate” initiative. Within “Innovate”, Desmond will facilitate the Innovate Salone and Innovate Jamaica projects. Part of Desmond’s responsibilities involve ensuring that the independent competitions work closely with GMin and other partners including government and non-government institutions around the globe. Desmond’s experience as account manager within Google’s Large Customer Sales department will be instrumental to his new role within GMin.

Both initiatives are in line with our goal to creating a platform on which young people can dream. We want people to answer a simple question and act on it: If you knew that you could do anything without failing, what would that be? We believe Innovation is a culture; individual, community and political and we want to address the first two while giving youth inventors a platform to create without fear of failure.

At GMin, the entire Board and other members are excited about our projects especially as we continue to expand the initiatives we are involved with like Innovate Salone, in addition to solidifying those we are successful at like the malaria campaign. As always, we welcome volunteers from around the globe who are not satisfied with the status quo of how things happen in their communities and need an avenue to utilize the Global Input from our international network for a high impact Local Output on the ground.

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