I³ Harvard College Innovation Challenge Finalists and…$1.5K

I would like to thank everyone who has continued to donate to GMin. Everyday, we get closer to our goal. Your constant feedback also helps us think about our approach and we are excited for yet another campaign in Sierra Leone.

It is my pleasure to announce that out of about 50 or so applicants to the I³ Harvard College Innovation Challenge, GMin was one of 7 finalists. The group that won the Social Entrepreneurship award is http://ineedapencil.com/ . I think they deserve it greatly.

For GMin, we won $500 for being finalists.  Ellie and I,  also won the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard “Technology and Society prize.” Each award is worth $500 and that brings GMin’s total to $1.5K.

We hope that you can continue to donate the PENNIES and the dollar bills. Every single note counts. Please visit the donate page on this website and help us reach our goal.

GMin- the least we can do!

David Sengeh

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