What are InChallenges?

The Innovate Salone, or InChallenge, competition is a national team-based innovation challenge where secondary school students propose, design, and build solutions to problems they face in their communities. Innovate Salone in a larger sense is dedicated to improving the quality of life in in Sierra Leone through the collaborative integration of scientific, socio-cultural, technological and entrepreneurial innovations. Through networks of businesses, academic institutions, and public-private partnerships both within and outside Sierra Leone, the competition will support teams with solutions that have the potential to create impact in any field but with a focus on:

  • Health
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Civic Media
  • Engineering
  • Ideation

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  • Application

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  • Prototyping

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  • Creating Impact

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Why the Innovate Salone InChallenge?

The Innovate Salone InChallenge is not only giving secondary school students the opportunity to develop their ideas like never before, it also provides various learning opportunities to help these students grow. From being paired with professional mentors, to learning how to work as a business team, the Innovate Salone Challenge aims to:

  • Knowledge Application

    Apply science and arts concepts to develop real-world solutions helping students to become creative citizens

  • Team Building

    Working with a group on individuals to utilize various expeirneces and perspectives while developing team collaborative skills

  • Innovative Thinking

    Teach students how to think about a solution: idea generation, rapid prototyping, and successful implementation strategies

  • Large Scale Change

    Challenge students and every citizen to create practical solutions to issues in their communities

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