InChallenge Rules and Information

Ready to change Sierra Leone? Start Here:

  • If you are a secondary student in Sierra Leone, you and a team of 3-5 members can develop and build your innovative idea to compete for $1500 towards your idea. Connect with local and international mentors to build your prototype,  and learn about entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • The Innovate Salone challenge is open to all secondary school students across Sierra Leone and is specifically looking for innovative ideas in the fields of health, energy, education, agriculture, transportation, telecommunications, civic media, and engineering.


  • ŸInnovation solutions must attempt to tackle problems in the fields of Health, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Telecommunications, Civic Media, and Engineering in Sierra Leone.

  • Teams of 3-5 students in ANY secondary school are eligible to register and submit proposals
  • Project proposals can be submitted online or mailed to the District Headquarter Offices of the Ministry of Education in an envelope labeled “Innovate Salone 2012″ by May 14th, 2012.

Project Proposals

        Project Proposals must include all of the following:

        • Contact Information: Provide each team member’s name, your school’s name, address and detailed contact information

        • ŸIntroduction: A brief overview of your project

        • ŸThe Problem: What is the problem that you are trying to solve through this innovation

        • ŸProblem Motivation: Why is this problem important to you?

        • ŸProposed Solution: How are you planning on fixing this problem? And is it scalable?

        • ŸDetailed Budget: What would the costs be to completing your project?

        • ŸPlan of Action: What steps are you planning on taking to make this project a reality?


  • Semi-Finalist Developmental Awards

    Semi-finalists will receive up to $500 USD to begin prototyping/developing their project proposals. The prize money will be determined by the detailed budget provided. Announced end of May.
  • Finalist Innovate Salone InChallenge Grand Prize

    Finalists will receive up to $1000 USD continue developing their project over the course of a year. Mentorship and additional resources will also be provided. Announced end of August.

Judging Process

  • Qualifying Round

    The qualifying round of judging will take place in mid-May after the May14th submission deadline. Each plan entry will be given feedback by the judges. Finalist  teams will be announced by the end of May, 2011. Five teams will be promoted to the final round.
  • Final Round

    The final round of judging will take place during the Inventors Camp and the winners will be announced at the Awards assembly following the camp. Each team prototype will be evaluated based on the evolution of their ideas over the incubation period and during the Inventors Camp. The winning  teams will be provided up to $1000 in additional funding as well as other resources to continue their project into the following year.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity

    How original is your idea? Are you using new techniques?
  • Scalability

    Can the solution be scaled to your village? To the country?
  • Potential Impact

    How many lives will the solution touch? What is the potential?
  • Team

    Can this particular team deliver what they promised?