Innovate Salone

Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Youth Creativity. Innovate Salone is about igniting and supporting the creativity in Sierra Leone youth. The entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of students continue to inspire substantial change in today’s world and we are here to help grow Sierra Leone’s impact.


Through broadening one’s perspective of what they can achieve and how they can achieve it, we are empowering the leaders of tomorrow


We are providing a platform for young successfull graduates to be re-engaged with their communities


Educating today’s youth of nessesary skills and techniques to gain the level of success that they themselves want to achieve.

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  • Physical Space

    GMin works with local schools and their staff to identify and create dedicated spaces for the InLab accessible to all interested students. These spaces are designed to enable creativity and freedom.
  • Technical Tools

    InLabs are equipped with technical tools in the form of themed toolkits (e.g., crafts, digital media and electronic toolkits) and a curriculum guide for fostering innovation and design thinking including practical guidance through relevant case examples.
  • Mentorship and Innovation Leadership

    Innovation Clubs, open to any interested students, are formed at each participating school. Faculty mentors and student leaders of the Innovation Clubs are responsible for management and administration of InLabs. Additionally, GMin staff coordinate with faculty mentors and student leaders of the Innovation Club in each school to organize workshops, hands on learning activities and provide support for equipment and materials.
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