Car radar Detectors

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The Escort RedLine is the longest range radar detector, according to independent testing of major models done in 2013. However, it is not GPS radar, and does not come with many bells and whistles. Its single focus is to spot radar from farther away than any other windshield mounted detector. This includes speed radar and photo radar. It can target both types of radar over 14 miles away in ideal conditions. Rough terrain, forested areas, or steep hills can lessen that range, but the RedLine still beats competitors in this area.
The Escort RedLine features advanced technology including both a forward facing and rear-facing antenna, which gives it the ability to detect radar at a much longer range. A major testing website put the Escort RedLine up against four other similar models and this one proved the best at spotting a variety of radar guns. The design of the Escort RedLine is simple, and focuses on performance rather than design. It might not be the prettiest product on the shelf, but it gets the job done, and then some.

Escort SmartRadar Hidden Detector

This smaller option from Escort is just as effective as its larger cousins. The small transponder box sits near the rearview mirror to deliver accurate and up-to-date information to the driver. According to Popular Mechanics, this little road warrior packs a strong punch in a small box. The device itself is much smaller, but still has all the high-tech features of the Escort 9500ix. The SmartRadar includes a preprogrammed database of all the traffic cameras in the country, including both the stop light cameras and speed cameras and transfers information to the motorist's phone to display speed gun proximity. Popular Mechanics has this detector at the top of the list for best radar technology products.

Radar Detection Features

While comparing different types of radar detection systems, it is important to understand the features that are most important. What might be right for one driver might not be important to another.

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Laser/Radar Detector, 16 Band Signal Voice Alert Car Speed Alarm System with 360 Degree Detection, VG-2 Immunity, City/Highway Mode, Auto Mute, Bright LED Display - JVR AO26
Car Audio or Theater (JVR Online)
  • LASEREYE: 360-degree radar detection, 16 band protection (X, K, Ka, Ku), 250-2500m extreme range super heterodyne technology
  • CITY/HIGHWAY MODE: Highway mode provides full laser/radar systems, city mode reduce the frequency of false in densely populated urban areas
  • UNDETECTABLE: Relative speed sensing auto shutdown feature Provide complete immunity to VG-2 radar detector-detectors
  • VOICE ALERT: Crystal-clear voice alerts, LED display indicates the band and the signal strength via bar graph meter readout
  • AUTO MUTE: Relative speed sensing auto mute system virtually eliminates false alerts. Ultra compact design, high performance with refined style

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