Best Luggage Trackers

Best Luggage Trackers

Only 3 out of every 1000 passengers lose their luggage in airports, but if you’re one of them, it can ruin your trip. So, how do you avoid this terrible feeling of losing your luggage? By adding the best luggage tracker to your bags before you leave the house.
The miniature devices have been designed small to be concealed within your contents. Because of there size, they have now been multi-purposed to suit every aspect of tracking including, being used on pets (cats and dogs), kids, elderly citizens and cars.
Anyway, knowing where your bags are will help you save time as you won’t have to waste precious time and energy trying to locate your stuff. You can easily inform the airline of its location and therefore speed up the recovery process.

What are luggage Trackers?

As a frequent traveller, I am worried about losing my bags since locations I tend to visit are remote as I am a wildlife photographer and I wouldn't want my specialist equipment for work (dog cameras and protective clothing) to get lost as this will inconvenience me seriously.
Luggage trackers are small handy devices that normally use GPS or Bluetooth technology to help you keep track of your belongings. Basically, they are little transmitters, sending the information on the location of the bag they are into your phone, tablet, or computer.

Am sure you are asking yourself. Why do I need a Luggage Tracker, I have insurance for that? How much does the best luggage tracker cost? Are they easy to use? How do I know which is the best? I hope we can answer all your question in this article.

So if you are in the market for the best luggage tracker, check out the top models below.

Best Smart Luggage Trackers UK in the market today

#1. Trakdot luggage tracker review

The Trakdot Luggage tracker is a GSM locator device that allows you to keep track of your luggage almost anywhere you travel in the world. All you need to do is turn it on when you place it in your bag. This tracking device stays on until it is inside the baggage compartment of the plane. At this point, it switches over to aeroplane mode until it reaches the ground. Then it turns back on, allowing you to locate the exact spot your luggage is. It has a 15 days charge capability.
Most people like this device as it has an attractive outer design housing a standard GPS tracking unit. Providing cutting-edge patent-protected technology at a remarkable value,

#2. LugLoc luggage tracker locator review

If your checked luggage has anything of value, then it should have a LugLoc next to it. This lightweight device also comes with a USB cable and a charger to keep that battery full until you place it in your bag. The LugLoc luggage tracker keeps track of your luggage from your smartphone, locating it from just about anywhere you are. LugLoc comes with 30 days of complimentary tracking service. Then, simply pay as you go and only when you need by using the mobile app!
I personally like LugLoc as it is TSA and FAA compliant, using an internal chip to turn it off before takeoff and waking it up when it lands. There is also a Bluetooth proximity alert to let you know when your bag is nearby. It's probably the best for luggage tracking.


#3. Spytec Tracker review

Spytec sound like it has a camera concealed, but it doesn't. The Spytech tracker makes it easy to keep track of almost anything. It uses a real-time GPS tracker that allows you to monitor the location of the device every time it moves. All you need is the internet to watch the tracker’s progress, so you can track it from your phone, tablet, or home computer resting in your dog bed. It can also alert you when the tracker arrives at any specific location. Spytec has technology that can be used for pet tracking.
What I like about Spytec tracker is it stores up to 1 year of data, giving you customizable reports of the data it contains on demand. This is useful just in case your web hosting services UK is poor and cannot access data immediately. Business hosting

What should I consider when choosing a Luggage Tracker (GPS, Bluetooth or GSM)?


There is no one size fits all tracker. The 3 trackers are what I consider the best in the market and there it will be down to what your budget is. However, personally, I would go with the Lugloc as it's cheaper and I already use it. However, Trakdot is superior too and you should consider this if you a few more bucks in your budget. Hope this review helped.
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