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Being pulled over by a police officer for speeding is the beginning of a series of unfortunate events that costs people money and time, at the very least. Smart car owners equip their cars with a radar detector that anticipates the presence of police radar, allowing them time to slow down and perhaps avoid getting a ticket. Those who are looking for a car radar detector must veer away from sub-standard models as they are ineffective in countering threats.
Among the few top car radar detectors, the brand Cobra has a prominent online presence because of the company's popularity among users. Cobra car radar detectors have cutting-edge technology that assists in countering not only police radars but also threats on the road. There are many Cobra car radar detectors that are available online, so knowing the top five devices before beginning to shop allows users to get the one that is right for them and that ultimately help in avoiding that irksome speeding ticket as well as other threats when on the road.

eBay lists a wide variety of Along with protective features, these top-of-the-line Cobra devices allow users options for detection to reduce false alarm instances. The Cobra iRadar 150 lands on the top spot in the Top 5 list because it comes with an app for a smartphone that not only syncs alert features of the Cobra unit but also provides real-time safety information from other Cobra iRadar users. Buying a Cobra radar detector is easy, convenient, and a money-saving venture to buyers who exercise prudence. Cobra car radar detectors are a great investment, so buyers must choose only the best model if they want superior safety and protection features.

Cobra Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT Maximum Performance Radar/Laser/Camera Detector
Wireless (Cobra)
  • Ultra-low-noise, signal amplifiers that once were affordable only to military systems
  • Low-microwave-loss circuitry utilizing gold-plated circuit boards
  • Use of flip-chip Mixer/Multiplier diodes in packages that were once unattainable
  • First Local Oscillator Transistor (Super-low-noise, high-mobility J-FET) that has been chosen to optimize signal gain, output power, and low noise characteristics...
  • Powerful CPU that enables sweeping of the entire police radar band spectrum in less than 240 milliseconds

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