Create The Perfect Home Cinema Experience With An Automation System

Going to the cinema is becoming an increasingly less popular pastime. The rise of online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and MUBI mean that you can watch films, often brand new ones, without having to leave the home. Compounded with the fact that these services present the movies in high definition, maybe even Ultra 4K if you are fortunate, a viewer won’t lose a shred of quality by choosing to stream a movie from their living room.

That’s not all however. Turning your living room into a home cinema does not just replicate the cinema experience. It can actually improve on it. You do not have to worry about the distracting glare of a rude patron’s smartphone several rows in front when you are at home. Nor, in fact, do you have to worry about interruptive giggling and chatting while you are trying to watch the movie you have just paid £10 to watch. You can completely customise the cinema experience to your wants and needs.

 The ideal way to create a home cinema experience is by installing a home automation system that gives you complete control over the environment around you. With the push of a button on a control pad, you can completely tailor the room to your own perfect specification in order to best enjoy that brand new blockbuster or Hollywood classic. It works by connecting all the technology in your home cinema to one easily manageable device such as a tablet. From there, you can easily adjust the settings as you please.

For example, rather than endure a cinema that is far too warm on a summer’s day or far too cold on a winter’s night, a home automation system gives you unlimited control of the temperature in your home screening room. You can, furthermore, control the sound levels directly from your device via an app. If movies are just too loud for you, you can reduce the volume to a level at which you are comfortable. However, if you want to hear every blast and explosion of your favourite action movie, you can also turn it up as loud as you want. That is not to mention the possibility of synchronising your music to the system so that, if you have friends and family around for a film night, you can recreate a real cinema experience with music beforehand.

 Of course, the main feature here is the ability to control the lighting of a room. No longer do you have to plunge the room into complete darkness that strains the eyes when watching a movie or worry about the glare of light on a television screen that reduces quality. You can dim your lights to exactly the right level to best enjoy watching a movie.

The rise of on-demand streaming, the rapid advancements of home entertainment technology and the fear of disruptive cinemagoers has made home cinemas more popular than ever, but no screening room is complete without a home automation system so you can turn your living room into the greatest cinema in town

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