Five Reasons You Need Immediate Car Glass Repair

Ensuring the safety of your passengers and other drivers is your primary responsibility on the road. Every part of your car is now engineered together to deliver an aerodynamic advantage to your car on the road. This includes the design and placement of auto glass parts around your vehicle.

A minor weakness anywhere across the entire frame including a broken side glass or a chipped windshield can be massive safety hazard on the road. Minor car glass repairs should be dealt with at the earliest to avoid them from developing into issues.

We give you five reasons to identify immediate car glass repair on your vehicle.

Screeching Wipers

A worn out wiper can be severely dangerous for your windshield and can cause scratch marks on the glass. In case you hear even a little screeching it’s time to replace the wiper blades. These minor parts are usually forgotten and are not replaced until after months of usage. It’s recommended to replace your windshield wipers every 3 months.

Fogging Windscreens

If your windshields tend to get foggy in cold weather there is an immediate need to have the adhesive around the corners of the windshield checked. The windshield glass may itself be in mint condition, the adhesive can in some cases lose its hold on both layers of the glass.

This fogging is a sign of immediate car glass repair. A professional glass technician will carefully remove and reinstall your windshield with a safety guarantee and an integrity test before they leave. Always choose an industry licensed auto glass technician or an auto glass repair company to handle sensitive maintenance.

A Developing Crack

Minor chips can be both easily missed and easily avoided being insignificant at first. Suddenly this minor chip develops into a line and you have a crack in the windshield. Not just is this dangerous for you as a driver it is a hazard to other drivers on the road too.

Inspect your windshields and windows for minor chip & cracks when cleaning. Never ignore these small repairs as they develop into larger problems. The windshields and windows experience a lot of wind pressure especially when driving on highways. A weakened area can crack open in case of stormy or rainy weather too.

A Damaged Sunroof

Both physical and mechanical damage to your sunroof can be dangerous for both yourself and other drivers. A broken sunroof glass can fly off as debris, and even lead to theft in your car if not quickly patched up. In case your sunroof is jammed and cannot be closed it is recommended to have it covered and the car parked inside a garage.

Broken Side Glasses

Damaged or broken side glasses are very unsafe for the road and a penalty calling out to be fined. If you cannot see properly, adjust the glass, and determine the distance from other vehicles it is time to replace your side glass. It may not even require a complete replacement and just the mirrors that need replacement, since automatic side glasses come with a heavy cost.  

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