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E-cigarettes are quickly becoming an alternative way to enjoy smoking without many of the adverse health effects associated with traditional cigarettes. While e-cigarettes do have their benefits, there are certain things users have to do to ensure they’re able to use their devices.

Like any other electronic device, the battery in an e-cigarette eventually wears out and requires charging or replacement. Your cell phone battery eventually drains to the point you’re unable to make calls – the same concept applies to e-cigarette batteries.

And you’ll be able to easily tell when your e-cigarette battery is getting low since you will see a dramatic reduction in smoke volume when you try and use your device. If your battery is fully charged and you’re still seeing reduced smoke volume, you likely need to replace your cartomizer.

Fortunately, there are several options e-cigarette users can consider for charging the batteries for their devices. Continue reading for a brief overview of these options, along with other important points to keep in mind when considering e-cigarette batteries.

1). USB charger

The simplest charging method by far, a USB charger plugs easily into your PC, laptop or any device with a USB post. USB chargers are ideal for vapers who enjoy their e-cigarettes at home or at work, and are included in each e-cigarette starter kit available from Eversmoke. Simply take your battery, screw it into the charger, and plug it in to your device’s USB outlet. A red light on the charger will indicate your battery is charging. When done, the red light will turn blue.

Although USB chargers come standard in all starter kits, many e-cigarette users prefer to have more than one for not only convenience, but necessity as well since the USB device is a required component of other charging options. An Eversmoke USB charger costs $9.99 plus shipping.

2). Car charger

Ideal for vapers who are always on-the-go, an e-cigarette battery car charger easily plugs into your vehicle’s power adapter. You then connect your battery to your USB charger then plug that into your car charger. Once you see the blue light on your USB charger, your battery is fully charged and ready to go!

Like USB chargers, the car charger comes standard in all starter kits available from Eversmoke. However, many vapers have more than one charger, especially if they travel in different vehicles on a regular basis. An Eversmoke car charger is available for $14.99 plus shipping.

3). Wall charger

Standard with all starter kits as well, the wall charger is a 2-pronged device that easily plugs into any standard 120-volt wall outlet in your home. To charge your e-cigarette battery, you will need to screw your battery into your USB charger then plug that into your wall charger. If you have a long battery, it should take about 4 hours to charge. Once your battery is fully charged, you will see the blue indicator light on your USB charger.

4). Personal Charging Case

The other way you can charge the battery for your e-cigarette is the Personal Charging Case (PCC), which is by far the most convenient method since an electrical outlet or USB port is not required. The charging case allows you to stay on-the-go while charging our e-cigarette battery – it’s like having an electrical outlet on you at all times, whether you’re at home or miles from the nearest electrical outlet.

The Personal Charging Case is about the size of a pack of traditional cigarettes and can juice up your e-cigarette battery four times before needing charging itself. Best of all, you can charge your PCC with your wall or USB charger. An indicator light on the outside of the PCC will show you how much juice you have left to charge your e-cigarette battery with.

Simply place your battery in the charging slot on the PCC and before long, you’ll have a fully charged e-cigarette battery. Available for $49.99 plus shipping, the Eversmoke Personal Charging Case is only compatible with the mini-battery.

How often you will need to charge your e-cigarette battery depends on a host of factors ranging from the size of your battery to how often you use your device. Naturally, the bigger the battery, the longer it will deliver the power necessary to use your e-cigarette.

Eversmoke has three separate batteries, which include:

When charging your batteries for the first time, leave them connected for an hour or two after the blue light indicates a full charge. This, along with fully charging your battery each time, will ensure your get the maximum lifespan out your e-cigarette battery.

Eventually you will have to replace your e-cigarette battery. However, you should be able to enjoy your e-cigarette for many a puff before having to do that. New batteries are relatively inexpensive – many vapers in fact have two or three batteries available so they can continue to use their device without having to wait for a battery to charge.

Remember – in the end, keeping your e-cigarette batteries charged is an integral part to enjoying an uninterrupted vaping experience. Be sure you choose a charging option that fits your schedule and lifestyle, and to be safe, have a backup USB, car or wall charger in case you’re in another location or lose one of your chargers.

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