RC car batteries and Chargers

All Traxxas models are sold Ready-To-Race® That means all the assembly has been done for you, the body has been painted, and the tires are glued to the wheels. Traxxas models include premium running accessories required for each model. Electric vehicles come with Power Cell battery packs, and most even include a peak detecting DC fast charger. Nitro-powered models have a battery and charger (for the EZ-Start electric starting system), fuel dispensing bottle, and an extra glow plug and air filter. All that's left for you to buy are AA alkaline batteries for the radio system and fuel (available where Traxxas models are sold). You'll be ready for high-performance driving fun in minutes, not hours or days. In addition to convenience, factory assembly means you know your model is built right and is ready to perform its best. And to make sure you know your new Traxxas vehicle inside and out, Traxxas creates the most comprehensive instruction manuals in the business.

The "Radio" in
Radio Control

The transmitter is the "radio" in "radio control." The Traxxas TQ™ transmitter has a comfortable pistol-grip design, uses a trigger to control the vehicle's speed, and a wheel to steer it. All Traxxas models have proportional control; this means the steering and throttle respond in proportion to the amount that you move the trigger or steering wheel. This lets you make a gentle turn, a sharp turn, or anything in between depending on how sharply you turn the steering wheel. The throttle works the same way; squeeze it just a little to move slowly, or pull it back all the way for full-throttle fun. Traxxas radio systems deliver powerful, long range control that you explore vast areas of driving excitement. 2.4 GHz radios find and select a clear radio channel automatically, so there's never any frequency conflict or interference. Just turn on the switch and drive!
they don't even come close to the power and performance of hobby-grade RC vehicles like the best-selling models offered by Traxxas. Here's why Traxxas models are the ultimate RC experience:

Number-One in Speed and Performance

Traxxas sets the standard for speed in Ready-To-Race® RC cars and trucks. Our models range in speed from 30mph to over 100mph. And yes, that's actual miles per hour, not "scale speed!"

"Real Car" Technology

All Traxxas models feature functional oil-filled shock absorbers, gear differentials, ball-bearings and independent suspension. Our nitro models are powered by fuel-burning 2-stroke engines with electric, push-button starting.

Fully Repairable with Easily Replaceable Parts

Should you ever break or wear out a part of your Traxxas car or truck, inexpensive replacements are as close as your local hobby shop. Traxxas models are designed for years of fun, not just an hour or two. You can easily repair your model yourself, or get help from the shop.

Customizable and Upgradable with Optional Parts

Just like a full-size hot-rodder, you can trick out your Traxxas model with a wide variety of accessories. Add style points with chrome rims and ProGraphix® bodies, boost performance with a Velineon® brushless power system, increase durability with aluminum suspension parts—there's no limit to the ways you can customize and personalize your machine.

Hobby-Store, Telephone, and Email Customer Support

Traxxas models are sold in hobby stores, where experienced pros can help you choose the right model, answer your questions, and help you get the most performance from your model. If a visit to the shop isn't convenient, Traxxas customer support is available via telephone until 9pm central time, Monday through Friday. You can also get tech help online anytime at Traxxas.com. Nobody works harder than Traxxas to be accessible to you.

Understanding RC Batteries & Chargers

RC cars use specialized rechargeable battery packs. The important things to consider in a battery are its voltage and capacity. Sounds high-tech, but it's simple:Voltage: The more voltage a battery has, the faster your car will go. The most popular batteries use 6 cells and have 7.2 volts. To increase voltage, you can select a battery with more cells, such as a 7-cell pack, which has 8.4 volts. Traxxas electric cars and trucks include Power Cell 8.4 volt batteries for maximum speed and performance.

Capacity:This refers to the amount of energy the pack can store—more

capacity means longer run time. Capacity is measured in milliamp-hours (mAh); the greater the mAh, the longer your model will run. Traxxas includes high-quality NiMH batteries with all electric models, and offers accessory batteries for premium performance. You can choose high-capacity Series 3 or 4 packs, and extra-high capacity Series 5 batteries for the longest possible run times and peak performance.

Chargers for RC Batteries
Traxxas models equipped with iD Power Cell batteries include a peak detecting DC fast charger. For charging on AC power get the Traxxas AC to DC adapter (#2976). You can upgrade to a iD Auto Battery Identification charger, such as the Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus with iD.

Traxxas iD chargers automatically detect and optimize charge settings when charging iD Power Cell NiMH and LiPo batteries.

Battery Power, or Nitro Power?

Traxxas models are offered with both electric and nitro (engine) power systems. Electric cars are powered by an electric motor and an on-board battery pack. The benefits of electric power include clean, quiet operation and are virtually maintenance free. A nitro-powered car is equipped with a fuel-burning, 2-stroke engine. Nitro cars are almost as fast as electric cars, but they require more maintenance and cost a little more than electrics. All Traxxas nitro cars feature our EZ-Start® system, which starts the engine quickly and simply with the press of a single button. No other starting system is easier or safer.

An electric RC vehicle uses a battery to power the motor. The electronic speed control processes the throttle signals from the receiver to control the car's speed.

In a nitro-powered car, the engine is fed by the fuel tank. A servo operates the throttle to control the car's speed.

Exclusive Training Mode Only Traxxas offers Training Mode, which limits speed to 50% so new drivers can hone their driving skills more easily. When they're ready, Training Mode can be switched off for full-throttle fun. What kind of fuel


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Schumacher Schumacher SE-3000 1.5-200 Amp Manual Fleet Battery Charger
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  • Includes a specialized single rotary switch which adjusts to all volt ranges
  • 200-amps help engines for emergency starting
  • No necessity to charge 18 and 24-volt batteries separately
  • Equipped with cooling fan for high-performance and long life
  • Capacity to charge 6, 12, 18 and 24-volt batteries
Gomadic Gomadic Portable External Battery Charging Kit suitable for the Trimble Juno ST Includes Wall, Car and USB Charge Options
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Stanley Stanley BC1509 15 Amp Automatic Battery Charger
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Stanley)
  • 15 Amp Automatic Battery Charger/Maintainer
  • Automatically selects charge rate from 0 to 15 AMPS to maximize battery life, charge speed and maintenance
  • 3-Stage high-frequency automatic rapid charge with Float Mode Monitoring
  • Quick Start TimerTM: Automatically counts down to show when vehicle is ready to start
  • Spark resistant reverse hook up protection
  • Unit not for sale in California or Oregon

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