Maplin USB Car Charger

Walmart ipod charger

• Includes Empower™ plane adapter and 12V car plug
• Auto-voltage detection
• Includes 12 power tips for maximum compatibility
• 1.0A USB power output
• Over voltage/current protectionThis Universal Automatic Car Adapter for laptops is the compact, portable power solution for mobile users on the road. It features a broad output voltage (9.5V to 20V) which automatically adjusts and twelve different connectors for maximum compatibility. It will power most laptop/notebooks/netbooks on the market.
It allows you to power your laptop from vehicles with standard cigarette lighters. It provides up to 90W of charging power which is the sufficient enough to power most portable electronic devices, even modern power-hungry notebook computers with big screens.
The additional 5V USB port power can be used to charge your mobile, PDA, iPod & more.

Please Note: Empower™ plane sockets are typically restricted to 75W output in order to maintain a safe environment for all passengers. Please check with a qualified engineer to ensure this will not adversely affect the use of your appliance on a plane.WARNING: This adapter should only be used with laptops and ancillary devices that have the exact same voltage requirement as those offered. In addition, you must ensure that your equipment does not require more current (measured in amps) than that provided by the adapter at the correct voltage setting. If, however, your equipment requires less or equal amps to those provided at the correct voltage, then it is ok to use. All laptop charging tips provided have a centre-positive polarity - please check this matches the requirements of your equipment prior to use, and if in any doubt, seek professional guidance. Maplin Electronics Ltd. accepts no responsibility for damage caused to equipment through not observing these instructions correctly.

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Working with organisations for nearly 30 years, Maplin offers a nationwide range of benefits to our business users:

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  • volume discount pricing
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  • one-to-one account management
  • bespoke product sourcing and branding
  • free delivery on orders over £10
  • scheduled and forward ordering service
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Sampino Cable Clips (8 Pack) Cord Management and Desktop Cable Organizer for Apple Lighting Cable, In car Electronic, Charging or Mouse Cord Holder (8 Pack)
Speakers (sampino)
  • Smells nice Multipurpose cable clips organizer - Use for power cords, charging cables, USB cords, cell phone chargers, audio cables, headphones, etc. Applications:...
  • 8 Free Glue self-adhesive pads adhere to any surface: desks, tables, walls, filing cabinets, furniture, etc. Disassembly is easy and without any residues.
  • Sturdy and resuable - Made of environment friendly silicone, long lasting plastic this eco-friendly cable organizer will easily make you gain time and money by increasing...
  • 8 PCS : 2 x Green Cable Clips, 2 x white Cable Clips, 2 x Red Cable Clips, 2 xYellow Cable Clips
  • Package includes - 4 type of color cord clip, 8 single channel cord clip.Keep your desk clean and organized.Tired of all those cables around your desk,TV,computer...
Yamde 2pcs USB Fan Set Mini Portable Fan Plug and Play Detachable & Adjustable Design Compatable with Any USB Port like Power Bank/Notebook/Laptop/Computer Very Useful for Office Outdoor Sport (White)
PC Accessory (Yamde)
  • 100% brand new, good quality.
  • size:25cm
  • Material: Plastic + metal
  • Convenient large force

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