Nokia Micro USB Car Charger

DC-17 Micro USB Car Charger

Travel companion for android phone

A universal charger is an essential travelling companion you may need for your android phone. The Microsoft AC – 20N Micro USB Charger has a 2.0 USB jack that fits in any USB port of PC or Laptop. It is light weight with 15.2x8x3.8 cm dimensions that weighs 100 g. A retractable third pin makes it easier to pack in small cases and pouches. With the USB cable you can connect your device to any PC or laptop for data storage or device backup. The charger is also compatible to other android phones as well so that you can stay connected without worrying about your device’s battery consumption. Due to its compatibility with other android devices it reduces the hassle to carry different chargers for different devices. It is aptly a universal charger.

6 Months replacement warranty

The Microsoft AC-20N Micro USB Charger has a 6 months warranty that can be availed nation-wide at any Nokia Service Centres. The output interface of the charger is 750mA and output current and wattage is 1500mA and 5W respectively. The charger is an AC adapter. It charging time is 2 hours. The package is of Nokia and also recyclable. The charger is available in sleek black colour. Also it gives the charger a vibrant edge to it. The charger does not consume much of electricity and charges the device quickly. The 1.5m long charging cable keeps the phone at an easily accessible reach.

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Nokia Nokia Micro USB OEM Rapid Car Charger
CE (Nokia)
  • Nokia Mobile Charger DC-6 - Charge up conveniently
  • Nokia OEM Micro-USB Car Charger DC-6 model
  • Available in environmentally friendly bulk packaging - less packaging
  • Charge your phone s battery in your car with this small and lightweight travel charger with micro USB plug.
Cellet Nokia Accessory Premium Super Nokia Lumia 520 SmartPhone Car Charger with BLUE LED and Heavy Duty 9ft Coiled Cord with MicroUSB! (BLACK, BULK, 1A)
Wireless (Cellet Nokia Accessory)
  • First, this is heavy duty and will last your Nokia Lumia 520 years!
  • It s ABS high impact plastic is heat and high impact resistant. It s ergonomic design is durable, unique, and long lasting.
  • New Integrated Digital Charging gives precision automatic fast and slow charging while providing complete protection.
  • Cable coiled and 9ft long when stretched out, very durable with heavy airless sealed and single copper shielded.

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