Tech & go USB Car Charger

Companion GOCompanion GO
The Companion GO is a tiny wonder. It easily fits in your pocket or glove box for storage when not in use, yet offers a lot of power when needed. Simple yet effective, the Companion GO is a mighty little unit that will power your electronic devices while making your life more comfortable and convenient!

Companion GO is as simple as it comes, just plug it in to your vehicle’s DC socket (cigarette lighter plug) and connect your USB cable to it. One USB power port offers up to 2.1A, while the other offers up to 1.0A. This set-up is perfect for modern devices that require a lot of power to charge while not forgetting those devices that do not need as much (like wearables, GPS, battery chargers, cellphones, etc.).

Every detail of the Companion GO has been carefully scrutinized for looks and, most importantly, functionality. The exterior is durable and presentable with smooth lines and an attractive glossy finish. There is a red power LED in between the USB power ports that indicates when the Companion GO is receiving power from your DC socket. Even the negative pins are unconventional; they are spring loaded and flat which helps to ensure a solid contact is made without any wobble.

Quick List of Features

  • 2.1A and 1.0A USB power ports
  • Fused Protection
  • Red LED power indicator
  • Attractive and Powerful
  • Solid connections

About Wagan Corporation
Headquartered in Hayward, CA, Wagan® is a leader in development and manufacturing high-tech products such as power inverters, portable power supplies, fitness equipment, solar power units and other consumer/mobile electronic accessories. Wagan Corporation strives to maintain high quality products while keeping the price reasonable; providing affordable power to people on-the-go. As a global supplier of automotive accessory products and lifestyle accessories, quality and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities.

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E-filliate, Inc. Tech & Go Dual Port USB 5V 1-A & 2.1A DC Car Charger
Wireless (E-filliate, Inc.)
  • Sold Individually, Colors may vary
  • Size: Approx. 2-1/4 in. Long x 1-1/4 in. dia. with 2 USB ports
  • Input 12-24 V DC Output: 5 V-3.1 A
  • 2.1 A port for iPad or Tablet/1.0 A port for iPhone or Android Smartphone
  • RoHS compliant

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