TomTom USB Car Charger

TomTom GPS units run on rechargeable batteries, but when the battery dies, users must plug the device into an electrical source. Finding the best TomTom charger depends on a number of factors. While several third-party manufacturers produce chargers for GPS units, purchasing a TomTom charger ensures compatibility and reliability. Not all chargers are the same. Shoppers must determine if they just need a basic charger for the car, one that works in the house, or one that provides multiple features. With so many options available, choosing the best one is a difficult task for some shoppers. Analyzing the features and uses of the top TomTom GPS chargers is a good place for shoppers to start the shopping process.

The TomTom 9UUC.052.04 is a replacement GPS charger compatible with all TomTom units. Users claim that it charges devices much faster than the original part. This unit connects to the power socket of the car and has a removable cord. This allows the charger to function as a USB charger for almost all USB-compatible devices. This means that users can charge phones and other mobile devices from the single charger. The TomTom 9UUC.052.04 comes with a long cord to ensure there are no problems reaching the GPS unit on the dashboard.

TomTom 9UUC.052.05

The TomTom 9UUC.052.05 plugs directly into the wall socket so that users can charge their GPS units before leaving the house. This charger is only compatible with select TomTom GPS units, but the micro-USB plug connects to many other devices. Being able to charge the TomTom GPS in the car allows users to plan routes, update maps, and perform other maintenance functions before heading out on the road. Having a fully-charged GPS also frees the car's power socket, allowing users to charge their other devices while on the road.

The TomTom 9UUC.052.06 is a high-speed universal charger that works with all GPS units, including the Garmin and Magellan brands. It connects to the power socket of the car to create two USB ports and leaves the power socket port free. This means users can charge three devices at one time. The Fast Charge USB port powers devices quickly. The universal TomTom charger supports devices up to 12V, meaning that users can charge phones, iPods, iPads, and even DVD players with the charger. The charger only comes with the adapter that fits into the power socket, so shoppers should purchase any necessary USB cords for other devices.

TomTom GPS owners who just need a replacement charger without other features find that the TomTom 9A00.281 is an affordable and reliable option. As an official TomTom product, users do not have to worry about compatibility issues with their units. Aside from the GO 2400/2500 and GO 2435/2535 series GPS units, the TomTom 9A00.281 charger works with all other TomTom GPS units. It comes with a 4.5-foot cord to allow ample space between the car's power socket and a dashboard-mounted GPS.

TomTom USB Lifetime Traffic Receiver

The TomTom USB Lifetime Traffic Receiver is a two-in-one car charger that also receives real-time traffic information and uploads it straight to the GPS unit. Users can identify the type and length of the delay as well as find alternate routes based on the information. It functions wherever TMC service is available, whether people use the GPS in the US or abroad. Because of the technology, the charger works with limited TomTom GPS units. Users must have a TomTom GO 740 Live, ONE 140, XL 335/340/350, XXL 530/535/540, or EASE unit to access the traffic receiver feature. Additionally, users must update the TomTom application and maps regularly for most accurate data.

How To Buy

Find a large selection of new and used TomTom GPS chargers on eBay. With sellers from all over the country, you can locate several great deals on the charger you need. Use the search box found on each eBay page to locate chargers based on keywords. Narrow the results by specifying brand, condition, or price. Compare the listings by viewing photos and reading item descriptions added by the sellers to find the one that matches what you want. TomTom GPS chargers ensure that the GPS unit is fully charged and ready to use. Whether shopping for a replacement charger or one that allows users to charge multiple devices at once, shoppers have several options to choose from.

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TomTom Universal USB Car Charger (Compatible with All GPS Brands)
CE (TomTom)
  • Universal (compatible with all mini and micro USB devices)
  • Ensures your device is always fully charged while you drive
  • Faster charging of any of your USB devices

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