Apple Macbook Pro Car Charger

seagatesevenTraveling with any MacBook is a lot easier today than it was five or ten years ago. Apple’s latest laptops consume much less space than their predecessors, and last much longer when they’re in active use. Whether it’s on a seat-back tray or resting in your lap, your MacBook can deliver quite a few hours of productive work time, video viewing, or even gameplay without assistance. But it can do even more if you bring the right accessories along.

My goal is to help you choose the best items to carry with you on the road — the type of items I’ve spent years testing. The picks below are highly practical and focused to make good use of space and address real-world concerns that many travelers have. Read on!

The Best Way To Protect Your Privacy. If you’ve ever tried to work or look at private files on a plane, train, or bus, you’ve probably noticed that some other passengers are craning their heads to check out your MacBook’s screen. There are some passive-aggressive approaches to dealing with this, but the simplest solution (apart from closing your Mac) is a privacy filter — a piece of form-fit film that can be placed on the screen to limit off-angle visibility. The #1-ranked option is 3M’s Privacy Screen Protectors ($26-$36/MacBook Air, $37/13″ Retina MacBook Pro, $37/15″ Pro. $28-$45 non-Retina Pro), which are normally sold in clear or black, but also offered in gold. Viewed straight on, they look substantially clear — a little tinting is obvious — but from the side, the screen looks partially or entirely black, depending on the viewing angle, with enough fuzziness to obscure the details of whatever you’re looking at.

The Best Travel USB Cable. I’ve carried a lot of USB cables around over the years, almost always for two types of devices: Apple devices and related accessories. These days, all of Apple’s iOS devices use Lightning connectors, and all of their accessories use Micro-USB cables. The easiest way to save space is to combine both of those cables into one, and the best of the combined Lightning and Micro-USB cables I’ve tested is Dodocool’s 2-in-1 Lightning/Micro USB Cord ($13). I strongly, strongly prefer licensed Lightning cables to generics, and this thick cable has proved very resilient in my travels. With a full-sized USB plug on one end, the other end has a Lightning connector there when you need it, pulling off to reveal a Micro-USB plug when necessary.

EEO 18.5v 4.6a 85w Car Charger for Macbook Pro Magsafe 15" 17" Macbook Charger A1150 A1151 A1172 A1184 A1211 A1212 A1222 A1226 A1229 A1260 A1261 A1278 A1286 A1290 A1297 A1330 A1343 Magsafe1
Wireless (EEO)
  • DC Output : 18.5V 4.6A Connector/tip: Magsafe1 85W
  • using the latest inverter voltage electronic technology, can also be charged in the case of your vehicle does not turn on the power to start the engine, save the...
  • Car charger A1150 A1151 A1172 A1184 A1211 A1212 A1 A1226 A1229 A1260 A1261 A1278 A1286 A1290 A1297 A1330 A1343
  • Car charger MC118 MD103 MD104 MC72 MB895 MB896 MB897 MB985 MB986 MB134 MB133 MD318 MC373 MC721 MC723 MC847 MB470 MC372 MD322 MC371

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