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How to Install a Car Cell Phone ChargerAs technology continues to evolve, cell phone car chargers have increased in popularity and variety. There are many different options of car chargers on the market today, and they vary in style and design depending on the type of cell phones for which the chargers are made. The use of a cell phone car charger has become much more important in today's technological society, as almost everyone owns a cell phone and will have to transport it for personal and business needs on a regular basis. Certain types of smartphones have even become a sort of miniature computer, featuring almost all of the same capabilities a desktop or laptop possesses. With all of the advances made to modern cell phones, the battery life can quickly dissolve, making a car cell phone charger a must. To install a car cell phone charger, it is important to understand what features are required, what types of chargers are available to install, and how to hook up chargers within the car to charge a phone properly.

Understanding Cell Phone Charger Requirements

Every cell phone will have its own unique type of charger. Most companies that manufacture cell phones provide chargers to match the device, although third-party companies provide chargers to the public as well. Chargers produced by third-party companies are often sold at a more affordable price than chargers sold by phone manufacturers. However, buyers should note that it will be harder to verify the quality of an item made by a third party or lesser known brand. Many cell phone car charger manufacturers are now producing universal chargers as well, and these devices have the ability to charge several different brands of cell phones.

To know what specifications to look for in a cell phone charger, it is best to check the user manual that came with the phone. This will inform a user of all that is required in a charger in order for it to operate properly with the phone. In particular, look for the amount of voltage required by the phone, as the phone charger must be able to supply the same amount of power or more in order to supply a proper charge. The required voltage can usually be found on the packaging of a cell phone charger, making it easy to match up with a phone. Another vital piece of information to consider is the connection power port on the cell phone. Many phones have a small USB connection, but this can vary depending on the brand. The connection power port of the charger must match that of the cell phone. If the port on the charger is shaped differently it will not be able to provide any charge to the phone.

Installing Different Types of Car Cell Phone Chargers

While some high-end car designers include a power outlet pre-installed with an automobile, most cars simply transmit power through the cigarette lighter. The simplest type of car cell phone charger is the ready-to-use kind, which can be easily plugged into an outlet or cigarette lighter to charge a phone instantly.

It is helpful to understand the type of electrical current being used in this situation. Cars operate under a direct current (DC), making this the most common type of power adapter on the market. Alternating current (AC) power can also be used in a car to charge a cell phone, but the proper AC outlets will be required.

Ready-to-Use Cell Phone Car Chargers

A ready-to-use cell phone charger is, as the name suggests, ready to connect to the car. First, the user should locate the power supply outlet within the car, and if there is not one available, use the cigarette lighter. When using a cigarette lighter port as a charging spot it is very important to remove the handle correctly. Do not push the handle into the port, as this will cause the area to heat up. Instead, carefully pull the handle out of its position and set it aside, making sure that it feels cool and no heat is being generated from its port. The large end of the charger can now be plugged into the power source, while the connecting power port should be plugged into the phone. Once both ends are connected, the cell phone should indicate that it is in charging mode.

The same process can be used to charge multiple devices, however an outlet splitter will be needed to do this. An outlet splitter is one unit that plugs into the power outlet or cigarette lighter, but splits into multiple wires to charge more than one cell phone at the same time. An additional car charger adapter will be needed for each phone being charged.
Car Charger Dual USB Qualcom 3.0 Quick Charge by TechStone Car Charger for iPhone 7 / 6s / Plus 5 / 5s, iPad Pro / Air 2 / mini, Galaxy S7 / S6 / Edge / Plus, Note 5 / 4, LG, Nexus, HTC and More
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  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology: Provides 4x faster charging speed to devices for uninterrupted performance of navigation and media streaming.
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Wireless (TechStone)
  • The TechStone 3 USB In-Car Charger allows you to charge two USB devices while on the road. The in-car charger is compatible with iPhones, iPods and many other USB...
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  • COMPLETE PROTECTION - Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging
  • Intelligent Circuit: Adopted sophisticated circuit to keep temperature low, ensuring stable working conditions, a long lifespan and a low-temperature charging environment.
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Bluetooth FM Transmitter, LeFun Wireless In-Car FM Modulator Car Kit Radio Adapter, Bluetooth Receiver with USB Car Charger, AUX Input, MP3 Player support TF Card and USB-stick
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  • Multi-Transmitting Modes - The FM transmitter transmits audio files from wireless bluetooth device to car stereo system via FM radio signal, supports AUX output...
  • Dual USB Car Chargers - Both of the car charging ports are designed for charging, and one can be used for reading MP3 files by USB-stick.
  • Great Sound Quality - The built-in microphone and A2DP technology in this bluetooth adapter offer you a hands-free car kit to enjoy the high quality clear talking...
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  • Large Screen - The 1.44LED of this bluetooth receiver displays current voltage of the storage battery of your car (when car starts), the name of songs, incoming...

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