RC Superchargers

SuperChargersLogo Skylanders SuperChargers shook up the toys-to-life video game world this year by adding vehicles into the mix. For those of you not in the know, kids can now explore mountainous terrains, deep sea adventures, and the beautiful blue skies of Skylands with cool vehicles. In addition to 20 new characters and 20 new vehicles, it also provides kids with a totally new way to play.

NKOK also offers kids a new way to play by taking some of the vehicles from Skylands and turning them into fun R/C versions that kids can drive IRL. Whaaaaaat?

The Skylanders SuperChargers RC Hot Streak and Crypt Crusher are incredibly fun toys for all Skylanders fans. Both cars feature simple remote control functionality—with forward and backward motion and easy steering buttons.

HotStreakHot Streak: Hot Streak is Spitfire’s fully functioning beast. It’s got awesome tires made from blue flames, which is pretty BA. It also has cool internal power that emits a golden glow from the grill ALL the way to the turbines. Speed around with this guy, and you’ll feel as powerful as any Skylander in the Skylands.

Crypt Crusher: Fiesta commands his Crypt Crusher coffin, featuring a light-up monster tire in the back, which is so incredibly cool. Seriously. It’s blue and looks awesome. It also has two wheels in the front that make it stable so it’s a smooth ride. BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER. Fiesta’s engine is so powerful that he can perform cool stunts, such as sidewall ski.

These R/Cs measure 8-10 inches in length and have an 80 to 100 foot range for the controllers, making them awesome R/C versions of kids’ new favorite Skylanders.

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RC-FAST RC-FAST Plastic Mock Supercharger for RC 1:10 Axial Wraith 90018 Car & Truck Body
  • Designed for 1/10 1:10 RC crawlers car Axial Wraith 90018
  • Material: 3D Printed Plastic
  • Size;LxHxW: 55mm×30mm×25mm
  • Featuring realistic look like the real thing!
  • Shipping from the China, shipping time just need about 7-10 days

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