Gadget electric car

AC Sports CarReverend Gadget is back...with an amazing electric car kit. And an amazing electric Speedster, too. And lithium!

He's got a complete, plug and play Miata electric car kit - electric conversions with AC motor, regenerative braking, high voltage, lithium batteries - and then a prefab Speedster kit car, 100% electric, and totally hot.

The Electric Car Kits: Interview with Reverend Gadget

Hey, Gadget, what happened to you? You sort of disappeared there for a while.

AC Electric Car MotorIn October of 2008, there was a fire in the shop, apparently an arson, and I lost my conversions (7 total), all my tools, the equipment, and the office. It took a while to recover from that.

That must have been devastating. You're back now, and we're glad to hear from you! Can you tell me what you're working on now?

Left Coast Electric - my EV conversion company in Los Angeles - is working on a few new and interesting projects. First of all, we're producing electric Speedster conversions. I'm working with the manufacturer of the reproduction Speedsters who builds them for me with the battery boxes already built in, then I wire them and install the drive and the batteries.CanEV Conversion Kit The cars have a very nice fit and finish.

Interview with Rev. Gadget continues...

So I can just buy one of these Speedsters from you?

You buy the car from the manufacturer, and the conversion from me, but yeah.

So what does that cost?

About 55K for the basic model.

That's about half a Tesla, in terms of cost. Nice price! So what about the Miata electric car kit? That's an even nicer price. In the low 20K's for a hot little electric Miata kit? Really?

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