Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone Car Kit

Cheap Bluetooth In Car Speakerphone, find Bluetooth In Car

Wireless Bluetooth Handset Speakerphone Handsfree Speaker Car Kit Sun Visor Clip


1. Built-in microphone and stereo speakers.
2. Strong signal, clear sound and non-radiative.
3. Wireless connection is range up to 10 meters.
4. Clip to the car's sun visor, easy to answer the call.
5. Support voice calls, able to dial and redial the last call.
6. Bluetooth V3.0+EDR to ensure high data transmission efficiency.
7. Compatible with majority of mobile phone with Bluetooth function.
8. The visor Bluetooth is close to the mouth to ensure the call volume.
9. Using a condenser microphone, clearer calls, can reduce the minimum echo.
10. The Cigarette Lighter USB Charger: The output voltage is 5V, output current is 500MA.
11. Can connect two phones simultaneously and automatically connect to a paired phone.
12. With the highest quality design:Adopt the steel wire clip to firmly fix this product on the sun visor.
13. Not only charge the host, but can give mobile phones, MP3 and other digital equipment power supply.
14. This is a Sun Visor Hands-free Multipoint Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone Car Kit, Support head free, headset etc,
allows a speakerphone connect to two phones, it is the best companion of the car owners and travelers.


Color Black
Size 115mm x 56mm x 10mm
Compatible Bluetooth Specification V3.0+EDR
Working frequency range ISM (2.4-2.4GHZ)
RF output power Up to 10 meters
Battery type lithium cell 3.7V, 650mah (BL-5B)
The input voltage 5V
The headset power 0.37W
The microphone sensitivity -41DB
The noise 20 decibel noise reduction
Charging Time About 3 hours
Hands-free working time About 17hours
Stand-by time About 100hours/41days

How to Use It:
1.After switch on, Press the button on the top of the product for six seconds,
the indicator lamp will alternately flash with blue and red and has the voice prompt “ Had readied to match” .
2.Open the phone Bluetooth function, and search for “BTLD-158” and click it to contact.
3. After finish contacting, the phone will voice prompt “The phone one contacted”.

Package Included:

1 X Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit 1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X USB Car Charger 1 X User Manual

Picture details:

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SoundBot SB360 Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit Hands-Free Wireless Talking & Music Streaming Dongle w/ 10W Dual Port 2.1A USB Charger + Magnetic Mounts + Built-in 3.5mm Aux Cable
Wireless (soundbot)
  • Universal Wireless 4.0 wireless technology with backward compatibility & A2DP profile for Smartpohne, Android, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy...
  • Features echo and noise reduction technology for continuous non-stop crystal clear call conversation & dynamic music streaming wirelessly. No batteries required
  • Comes with a FREE Triple Ultra High-Performance USB Charger, built-in mic and 3.5mm AUX cable. Stand ready to charge additional devices at the same time
  • On board multi-function, previous, and next buttons for intuitive control command with easy access & simple operation
  • SoundBot wearable clip mount for flexible mobilization and optimal call quality placement - even for the passenger
XDCDHM DHMXDC Car Kit Bluetooth Portable Multipoint Wireless Hands-free Bluetooth Sun Visor In-car Speakerphone Car Kit black
Wireless (XDCDHM)
  • 1. The phone must be iphone and there has SIRI function
  • 2. Easy installation, Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled phones, Quick clip-on for sun visor
  • 3. Designed with Rechargeable Lithium -ION battery, recharges your device via USB port
  • 4. Multipoint : 2 phones can be paired simultaneously: Automatic pairing
  • 5. Connected with mobiles while this device in standby mode enables you to have hands-free calls while driving
SuperTooth SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone Car kit-Black
Wireless (SuperTooth)
  • Bluetooth hands-free kit version 2.1
  • Multipoint : 2 phones can be paired simultaneously: Automatic pairing
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Talk time: 20 hours, Stand-by time: 1 hours, Charging time : 3 hours
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled phones
  • Quick clip-on for sun visor
  • Hands-free solution can pair to 2 phones simultaneously
  • Last call redial, reject incoming call
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Voice recognition dialling (if phone supports)
SOAIY S-32 Voice Commands Hands-free Bluetooth Speakerphone for Car, Car Bluetooth System with Car Charger, Auto Power On by Shaking Car Door, Car Bluetooth Adapter Receiver, Bluetooth Car Kit
Wireless (SOAIY)
  • ★Automatically Power On/Off★ If You Want To Restart The Device, You Just Need To Shake Anything Nearby(Like Closing The Car Door)That Can Awake The S-32 Back To...
  • ✔Can Activate Siri on iPhone or Android phone voice commands.(Phone dependent),Make a Call by Siri or other Voice Command.Then You Can Make A Call By SayingCall...
  • ✔Answer, End, Decline Incoming Calls. Last Call Redial; Incoming Call Number Reading; Play Music From Your Mobile Phones;
  • ✔Advanced Multi-use For Connection To 2 Bluetooth Devices At Same Time, Turn Off Automatically When Bluetooth Connection Is Unavailable, Saving Power And Ensuring...
  • ✔Talk Time Up To 8 Hours; Activate Siri on iPhone or Android phone commands.(Phone dependent)
SUFUM In-car Bluetooth Speakerphone, SUFUM Wireless Hands Free Car Kit Bluetooth Sun Visor, Portable Bluetooth Multipoint Speakerphone, Black
  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY CLEAR VOICE: BUILD-IN SPEAKERPHONE AND HIGH-SENSITIVE MICROPHONE give you Bluetooth hand-free in-car callings, special design of In-car Bluetooth...
  • ✔ SENSITIVE CONNECTION: MULTIPOINT TECHNOLOGY makes it connect two phones at the same time. UNIVERSAL BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY WITH USB PORT makes it suitable for any...
  • ✔ POWERFUL MAGNET HOLDER WITH METAL CLIP: fast and easy to install or remove, a single hand can manipulate easily and fix this In-car Bluetooth Speakerphone at any...
  • ✔ FASHIONABLE AND CLASSIC DESIGN: the length-to-width ratio reaches the GOLDEN SECTION RATIO, the thickness of this In-car Bluetooth Speakerphone is only 14 mm...
  • ✔ SELLER S NOTE: We promise a 90 DAYS QUALITY WARRANTY, please tell us if there is any problem with your In-car Bluetooth Speakerphone.

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