Slimline In Car Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

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• Compact super-slim design
• Easy to pair and use
• Supports voice dialling with compatible phonesHands-free communication
The Slimline In Car bluetooth handsfree kit features multipoint technology to allow a Bluetooth connection with two mobiles at the same time. Featuring a high performance, full-duplex speaker with built-in advanced noise and echo cancellation technology. this lets you communicate and listen to your contacts clearly.

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AUTO-VOX AUTO-VOX Built in Bluetooth Dual Video Inputs 4.3" LCD Car Rearview Mirror Monitor with Universal Mount for Car Parking Reversing Assist
Wireless (AUTO-VOX)
  • Original Equipment Look,perfectly matching the vehicle body just like any part of your car.
  • Built-in Bluetooth with hands-free calls can improve the safety when driving.
  • Equipped with 4.3-inch screen which is anti-glare, and auto adjusting brightness ensures clear image in any circumstances.
  • Dual video inputs, can simultaneous connections reversing camera and car DVD player or this monitor.
  • High Compatibility: This rear view mirror can compatible with most car models like Toyota Honda Nissan Mazda Hyundai kia Ford Pickup etc.
Anstar 3G Car DVR Dash Cam Tachograph for Car 7 inch IPS Android 5.0 GPS Car Video Recorder Bluetooth Dual Lens Rearview Mirror Car Camera +16G TF Card
Car Audio or Theater (Anstar)
  • ☀ Reliable Driving Companion: With full HD image quality in the 1080P format. Don t miss any unexpected and interesting moments when driving. Provide solid evidence...
  • ☀FM transmit function: Do you like listening to music while you drive? Thanks to the FM transmission function, you could synchronize the mirror dvr music to your...
  • ☀GPS navigation: Download your favorite GPS to internal memory, with the addtional GPS antenna, this dvr provides the best experience no matter the destination is...
  • ☀Bluetooth hands-free function: After pairing the bluetooth between dvr and smartphone,you could make and receive calls directly from the mirror dvr itself with...
  • ☀Package Includes: 1x Anstar Car DVR + 1x GPS Antenna + 1x Car Charger +1x Rear View Camera + 1x USB Cable + 1x User Manual +1x Original Box + 16G TF Card
Bolayu Bolayu Car Kit Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Player FM Transmitter USB SD LCD Remote Handsfree
Wireless (Bolayu)
  • Blutooth transmission distance: 10-15m. FM emission frequency: 87.5~108MHz.
  • Supports USB, SD card (1GB-32GB), support MP3/ WMA/FLAC music to format.
  • The power supply after opening, automatic back to even, automatic into the matching condition.
  • Supports A2DP function of mobile phone via Bluetooth directly high-quailty mobile phone music.(Bluetooth stereo)
  • Supports bluetooth handsfree, built in microphone, safe and convenient to answer the call, call when the noise processing of CVC, wind noise supression.
Bolayu Bolayu i6 BT USB Charger LCD Car Kit Bluetooth MP3 FM Transmitter With Hands-Free
Wireless (Bolayu)
  • Suitable for Android/iPhone/Other Smart Phone.
  • Built-in FM transmitter, full frequency: 88.1-107.9 MHZ.
  • Excellent sound quality with D.S.P solution for echo cancellation.
  • LED display. With built-in microphone. Supports USB disk, TF card.
  • Wirelessly transmit phone call from Bluetooth mobile phone to the car FM stereo system.
Premium 6.5" Double-DIN Touchscreen Car Stereo Receiver System Video DVD USB Multimedia Player - Hands-Free Bluetooth - GPS Navigation - With Die-Cast Rearview Waterproof Backup Camera (PLDNV63BCM)
GPS or Navigation System (Dana Trading)
  • TRAVEL WITH LUXURY! - With this excellent Double-DIN quality dashboard Stereo entertainment system that lets you make phone calls, stream music with Bluetooth even...
  • HEADUNIT RECEIVER: Hi-Resolution 6.5HD Digital Display - Touch Screen Control Operation - USB Flash Drive Reader - Micro SD Memory Card Reader - Built-in CD/DVD...
  • GPS NAVIGATION: Touch Screen Control Interface - Talking Turn-by-Turn Voice Direction Assistance - Included SD Card with Integrated Maps - Visual Map Guidance &...
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming - Built-in Microphone for Hands-Free Calling - Compatible with All of Your Favorite Bluetooth...
  • BACKUP CAMERA: Marine Grade Camera Construction Waterproof & Fog Resistant (IP67 Rating) - Low Lux Light Performance (0.2 LUX) - Built-in Distance Scale Lines...

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