Aftermarket HUD display for car

Carrobot head-up displayIleja Tech

With its first automotive head-up display (HUD) already on sale in China, Ileja Tech seeks funding through an Indiegogo campaign to offer a second generation of its device in the US market. Carrobot C2 can be installed in almost any car, and projects translucent graphics showing navigation and communications in the driver's field of view.

If it makes it to production, Carrobot C2 will join the just released Navdy, creating something of a trend for aftermarket HUDs. These devices let drivers keep their eyes on the road while interacting with navigation, phone calls and text messages.

Similar to Navdy, Carrobot C2 mounts on top of a car's dashboard and projects its graphics on a transparent shield. Ileja Tech claims the imagery appears 8 feet beyond the windshield, and brightness automatically adjusts depending on the time of day.

A smartphone app for Android or iOS integrates phone functions with the HUD, so drivers can see caller identities. Specifications for Carrobot C2 show a base model that requires a smartphone, and three upper-tier models that do not. The HUD shows turn-by-turn navigation and includes voice command through Google Voice.

Upper tier models, with accessories, support driver assistance features, such as lane departure warning and a rear view. An OBDII plug reads car data such as speed, while a tire pressure monitor can warn of low or flat tires.

Ileja Tech lists pricing from $199 for the base unit, Carrobot C2 Lite, up to $599 for Carrobot C2 Pro Combo-II. The IndieGogo campaign offers the top-tier unit for $299. The company expects to ship in March 2017.

The Carrobot C2 sits on top of the dashboard, projecting translucent graphics showing navigation and other information onto its transparent shield.

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