Car HUD app

Motorburn | 4 ways to get the HUD experience without shelling out

HUD Widgets app is a set of handy and popular navigation widgets, like speedometers, trip info, landmeter, weather, eco-driving, etc... All widgets work in regular or head-up display (HUD) mode.

— Classic digital speedometer
— Digital, with compass, odometer, and distance traveled (Chevrolet Aveo style)
— A set of retro speedometers: Cadillac style, arched, circular

GPS trip information:
— See how safely you drive: the app calculates your driving score based on your acceleration, braking, turns, and speeding data.
— Know your fuel consumption per each trip and the expenses on it.
— Information on your current, maximum and average speed, distance and time traveled
— Large compass
— Eco-driving. Acceleration and deceleration graphs indicate driving efficiency

— Land meter. Indicates the angle of car slope or tilt — pitching and rolling
— Weather and clock

Launch the app, select the widget, and place the smartphone close to the windshield (to use it in HUD mode, with the screen image reflected onto the windshield), or fix it in the mount.

1. On a clear day, the device screen brightness is typically insufficient to give a decent reflection for HUD mode. In that situation, you can use the app in standard mode with the phone fixed with some mount, OR stay HUD using our HUDWAY Glass accessory (more at or see bellow). At night, in dusk, or in dull weather the reflection is normally well-discernible.

2. Continuous use of geolocation services (GPS and GLONASS) may drain your device battery fast.

3. When driving, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is well fixed in some mount or on some sticky pad, and doesn't prevent you from clearly seeing the road.

HUDWAY Glass car accessory makes smartphone work as a head-up display in any car even in daytime. Removes doubling, offers sharp enlarged reflection image.

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AxesInMotion Car Driving Simulator 2015
Mobile Application (AxesInMotion)
  • Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
  • ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!
  • Explore a detailed open world environment.
  • Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
  • Accurate physics.
AxesInMotion Extreme Car Driving Simulator 3D
Mobile Application (AxesInMotion)
  • Best Car Simulator 2014
  • Realistic physics and realistic car damage. Crash your car!
  • Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed. ABS, TC and ESP simulation.
  • Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows with different cameras.
  • Explore a detailed open world environment.

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