Car HUD display Kit

Headsup display is the Future of Car Driving. BMW has brought it to our cars today, but, I’m sure most of you can’t afford it. There’s another way to get fancy integrated OEM heads-up display (HUD) GPS navigation system with Springteq: the WeGo all-in-one HUD navigation system.

The first of its kind, the Springteq WeGo offers a Virtual Image in a HUD display system using the windshield as the medium, much like standard OEM HUDs, that too at a cheap deal. It can just plug into any existing vehicle and ready for the primetime. Its small in size, hence, doesn’t take up dashboard real estate more than a standard screen-based GPS system, and the best part — it won’t obstruct your Windscreen view as it hangs from the windshield like many do.

The company says over 6 million accidents, 3 million injuries and 40, 000 deaths each year are caused by inattention. They claim that WeGo helps guard against inattention by keeping the driver’s eyes up and on the road even while looking at the projected navigation instructions.

The included wireless remote control makes sure that you never have to take your handsoff the steering wheel.

Best things in life are better understood when seen, here is a video which tries to capture it, though difficult to capture the true nature of a HUD system on film.

If you are all excited for it, you will have to wait for it t arrive in Q4, 2010. The price hasn’t been announced yet, but its likely to be priced between $400-600.

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ANSTAR X5 3.0 Inches Auto Car Head-Up Display HUD Projector OBD II Vehicle Speeding Warning MPH with Anti-slip Pad Fuel Speedometers or Can as the Thanksgiving and Christmas Gift
Wireless (ANSTAR)
  • Dear, What is the HUD ? HUD is short for Head Up Display.HUD is now widely used in the aircraft s flight aids. Pilots can get important information by HUD, and they...
  • Model:X5 HUD; X5 Size: 9 * 5.4 *1.2 cm; X5 Weight :40 g; Work voltage :9 V-16 Vdc(12Vdc/400mA);Alarm of sound level : = 30 db(A) ;Relative humidity:10%-95% ;Environment...
  • The use of nano-technology to eliminate unwanted reflections and can make display information more sharper.
  • Automatic adaptation car models, and can apply for cars in line with OBD II or EUOBD (onboard automatic diagnostic system).Plug and Play.
  • Display rich content: speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage measurement, shift...

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