Flush USB Car Charger

USB Car Charger Adapter (for ALL USB Devices)

Most USB car chargers look like a perfect nightmare of bad design and nerdery. Belkin has acknowledged this and offered up the respectable Micro Auto Charger (also realizing 4-port USB car chargers are overkill).

The Micro Auto Charger has a 1-amp USB port that promises to charge gadgets super quick. Other than that, there's not much else to say about the thing, except that it charges pretty much anything you can shake a USB cable at. Belkin also released the dual-port Dual Auto Charger, which adds an extra 500 mA USB port, but it's fat and ugly and has one port too many.

You can get the Micro Auto Charger for $15 alone, or if you want an iPod/iPhone cable packaged in, it's $20. The Dual Auto Charger comes complete with iPod/iPhone cable for $30.

Charge Your iPod and iPhone in Your Car with Belkin's New Micro Auto Charger and Dual Auto Charger

* Keep your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry®, or other USB charging device, charged while in the car
* Micro Auto Charger's design adds no extra bulk as it sits nearly flush with your dashboard

(Compton, CA) – April 20, 2009 – Belkin's new Micro Auto Charger and Dual Auto Charger charge your iPod or iPhone battery in your car, making it convenient to power up a dead phone or iPod.

Micro Auto Charger is packaged in a compact design and adds no extra bulk to your dashboard. Sitting nearly flush with your dashboard, the Micro Auto Charger still allows room on its lip for you to easily detach it from your dashboard. It also charges at 1 amp-ideal for iPhone devices and certain GPS systems in that it will charge at the device's fullest power.

With its two USB ports, the Dual Auto Charger lets you charge your iPod through one port while charging your cell phone in the other, simultaneously. One quick-charge port powers at 1 amp for your iPhone, and the second port charges at 500 milliamps, which will support iPod devices and cell phones such as BlackBerry phones.


* Dual Auto Charger – Currently available
* Micro Auto Charger – Available in early May 2009

Micro Auto Charger with Charge Sync Cable for iPod and iPhone (F8Z446) - $19.99

* Quick-charge port for fastest possible charge
* Sits nearly flush with car dashboard
* Charge Sync Cable for iPhone and iPod, 3 ft.

Micro Auto Charger (F8Z445) - $14.99

* Quick-charge port for fastest possible charge
* Sits nearly flush with car dashboard

Dual Auto Charger (F8Z280) - $29.99

* Charge-and-sync cable for iPhone and iPod, 3 ft.
* Works with Motorola®, BlackBerry, and any mobile phone using a mini-USB connection
* Features 2 USB ports (one port at 1A and one port at 500mA)

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