TomTom Go Car Charger 1.2A

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My TomTom battery will not hold a charge. Even after charging the battery all night with the AC Adapter, the unit indicates low power after about 30 minutes of use while the unit is connected to the car's battery power receptor. The only way I can make this unit work is to connect its USB connector to a power inverter and then connect the power inverter's connector to the car's battery outlet thereby acquiring 120 while motoring. It works but this solution is unsat, especially given my wife's wishes to use her laptop enroute (**bleep** internet)!! How can I get a new battery installed by a reputable TomTom dealer in the US or Canada without breaking the bank??

Jaymo is not a happy TomTom camper.

I'm a bit confused about a couple of things, so clarify if you can:

  • You are based in Canada, but using a GO 1005, which is a European model, right?
  • All recent TomTom navigation devices, and even many not so recent models, are powered either by USB (on a laptop, or tablet charger maybe), or by the power outlet in a vehicle. On the GO 1005 even the vehicle adapter would have a USB port adapter that gets inserted into the "cigarette lighter" power source. You mention something about an inverter, and "acquiring 120", but a GO 1005 should not require anything that matches "120", unless that's a typo. A link to the usual USB adapter accessory is provided below: " target="_blank

Otherwise, if your wife needs that power source for her laptop, and there are no other available in the vehicle, you may need a dual adapter, such as this one:

" target="_blank

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TOMTOM USB Lifetime Free Traffic Receiver Car Charger Vehicle Power Cable Cord for TOM TOM XL 335 340 350 335TM 335T 340TM 340T 350T 350TM TM T M GPS Navigator (4UUC.001.01, 4UUC.001.01, 2UUC.002.00)
Wireless (TOMTOM-GPS Traffic Receiver)
  • Compatible with TOMTOM XL 335 340 350 335TM 335T 340TM 340T 350T 350TM TM T M Routes GPS Navigator models
  • No need for extra wires and cables on the windscreen (THIS IS MINI USB CONNECTION ONLY, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU HAVE A MICRO USB CONNECTION)
  • No need for extra wires and cables on the windscreen
  • Ideal to get free traffic information in your Country or abroad (where TMC service is available).
Plug in Car Charger for TomTom XL Series 325 / 325s / 330 / 330s / 340 / 340s / TomTom One Series 125 / 130 / 130s / 140 / 140s / One / One 2nd Edition / One 3rd Edition / XL / XLS / TomTom GO Series 630 / 720 / 730 / 920 / 920t / 930 / 930t
GPS or Navigation System (TomTom)
  • Premium accessory for your device
  • 100 percent new
  • Accessory only, device not included
  • Conveniently use and carry
  • Smart Design
TomTom NEW OFFICIAL TomTom 650mAh GPS Battery VIA 1405TM 1435TM 1405M 1435M 1405 1435 T
Wireless (TomTom)
  • New, genuine battery
  • Exact size replacement to original battery
  • Premium high-performance quality battery that equals or exceeds the original

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