Car windshield HUD

car-upSun Innovations is world’s fastest emerging provider of advanced FW-HUDs (Full Windshield Head-Up Display) and Super transparent Imaging Technology backed with a complete portfolio of intellectual properties. Sun’s FW-HUD technology establishes a radical edge by enabling a fully-transparent information display solution on the entire windshield. This enables drives behind the wheel to stay informed without taking their eyes off the road. Sun’s FW-HUD can be seamlessly integrated in any car, generating images that are always in focus anywhere on the windshield. The content on-display is viewable from any angle and it is scalable in sizes and brightness, with no laser speckles.

A signage application with full transparency and large viewing angle of the EPD system make it ideal for displaying information on the windshields or other windows of cars, trucks, trains, buses, aircraft, and other vehicles. The EPD system could function as a novel HUD and could utilize any part of a windshield as the display screen. A problem facing almost all projection displays in such an application is the degeneration of image quality due to intense sunlight. In order to reduce the influence of sunlight and improve the contrast, the display screen can be used in conjunction with a tinted film, which basically eliminates the overlapping excitation wavelengths from sunlight. This large HUD product with unlimited viewing angles has HDMI and VGA interfaces and is ready to be implemented in many commercial vehicles

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